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Closeout Items

These are items that we need to get rid of to make space on our shelves for the newer incoming toys. These are not defects, used, or damaged in any way unless clearly marked. Supplies are very limited on most of these items. On a few we may have only one or two packs.

The prices on these are usually at least half off of the original price (sometimes much more). The good prices are only available through this page on our site, they're not available from the rest of the site or via phone. The items will change fairly frequently as we sell out of stuff and then add new closeouts to replace them.

Smiley Face Earrings    
Denim Kerchief Body Clip w/ Silver Bead Silver Bead Body Clip
Hoop Body Clips   Hairdots - Several Styles

Sticker Closeout:
Each of these stickers comes in a cardboard folder that is ideal for sticker vending machines.

Baywatch WCW wrestling  
Rocky and Bullwinkle letters Lost World Dinosaur
cat head American pride digital designs
    WWF wrestling




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